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New Year's Resolutions Blog Hop


New Year's Resolutions

Join Roane Publishing for the New Year's Resolutions Blog Hop taking place January 4th - January 8th!

Every New Year I start out with a list of items that I want to accomplished in the coming year, be they simple things like cleaning out my closet or more long term goals like going to the gym more.  It rare that I am able to accomplish even half my list.

This year, I have decided to play to my strengths, ie organization. So, I have decided to work on organizing and streamlining my life, starting with my blog and my book reviews.  Oh, I am so bad about waiting till the last minute to write the review and then spend time skimming the book to remember names, places, dates, etc.

So I have started a Book Review Diary. Just something to jot a few notes down in, so that when I do go to write the review, I can just read back over my notes. It totally saved me while doing my 'Tis the Season Reviews and I plan to continue using it moving forward. If I can stay on top of this, it should save me considerable time in the long run. (And we all can use a little more time in the day.)

In honor of my Book Review Diary, I am giving away 1 Reading Notebook Diary from the Green Chair Press though Etsy. They have several designs and color choices available.  The diary will be ordered and sent directly to you from them, so that means US residents only. Good Luck!




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