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Skin Deep

Skin Deep - T.G. Ayer I picked this up as a free read and decided to read it because I needed something to "cleanse my palate" between cozy mystery novels and thought it was a novella. I didn't realize it was a full length novel till I was a couple chapters in. Whoops. I was pleasantly surprised at the interesting world that I discovered. The book implies that something happened in the recent past, hinting at an apocalyptic setting without being explicit about what exactly did happen. Maybe that will come in a later book.

I liked the different shifter groups and the interesting way the alpha designation is realized. I didn't like that we kept hearing about how tough Kailin supposedly was, and yet she kept getting her ass handed to her on a regular basis. Ooooh, a scary strong alpha.. who keeps ending up at the mercy of the bad guys. Whaa?

There is quite a backstory to the characters, and more time was spent on character building than world building. Plus the story ends with quite the cliffhanger. (And the preview for book 2 at the end did nothing to resolve it!! Rotten Teases.) Overall I liked the story, and though I'm not in a huge hurry to jump into book 2, I have added it to my list to watch for. I gave this book 3 stars.