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Top Secret Twenty-One

Top Secret Twenty-One - Janet Evanovich, Lorelei King Another thrilling episode in the many adventures of Stephanie Plum.

The biggest problem with Lorelei King's distinctive voice doing Stephanie Plum? It kept bringing to mind Charlie Davidson. I spent most of the book comparing the two characters and their equally snarky side kick best friends. Thank heavens that Lula and Cookie weren't voiced the same. But did hear a bit of Reyes in Ranger's voice... Or maybe that was Morelli's... So much hotness to choose from.

I can tell you this, I will NOT be listening to Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. Mercy may be on level snark wise with Charlie and Stephanie, but I need to draw a line somewhere. Even though adding a bit of Adam to that man mix in my head might just melt my brain..... Wait, what was I saying?