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A Cookbook Conspiracy

A Cookbook Conspiracy  - Kate Carlisle This series takes me back to the beginning of this very blog. My review of Homicide in Hardcover, the first book in the Bibliophile Mystery series was one of the first on my blog. Okay, it was technically the fourth review I did. Back in the days when I had zero followers and was writing them for myself. No schedule, just randomly posting. I wasn't even giving them ratings. And now look, book 6 in the series and 2 exciting years later. We've both come a long way.

It has been awhile since I last spent time with Brooklyn. But it was very easy to catch back up and I enjoyed visiting with her. This time it wasn't Brooklyn who found a dead body, but her younger sister Savannah. In an eerily similar manner to how Brooklyn found her first body in Homicide in Hardcover. Luckily for Savannah, Brooklyn was first on scene and able to be by Savannah's side. Plus she now not only has contacts she trusts, but the experience to know how the investigation will go.

I liked seeing how culinary challenged Brooklyn was and her failed experiments with making a syllabub (or as I like to think of it, drunk pudding). The clues and suspects were varied and kept me guessing and second guessing. Brooklyn's, and in reflection the author's, fascination and respect for old books continues to shine through the story. This was another wonderful addition to the series, and I really need to find the next book, The Book Stops Here, as it is out and available. I found this book a 4 star read.