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Midnight Burning

Midnight Burning - Karissa Laurel I was offered this book from the author and after reading the blurb, it sounded interesting, so I agreed to give it a read. For some reason, I thought this would be a paranormal romance. It was definitely not a romance but I'm not quite sure that Urban Fantasy fits quite right either. Think mysterious adventure with some paranormal mythological elements. Whatever genre you put it in, it was a good read.

There were plenty of hints early on to the mystery, and I managed to pick up a couple. But once it's finally revealed, I almost smacked my head in a *duh* moment. I felt quite foolish for a little bit for not getting the thematic to the mystery. Especially as I did not 1, but 2 term papers within this subject (really feeling dense here). I am very interested to see where the author plans to take her inventive twist on this particular mythology.

There is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the book. Things are left very unraveled and clearly more is needed to sort everything out. And yet... It is also a great place to stop, at the ending to Solina's old life and the beginning of her new one. I was a bit growly, but only because I could have happily gone on reading. I wasn't ready for the story to end. So, yes, I will be signing up for book 2.

Overall, the book wasn't what I expected, and I had a good time with it since it was so much more than I had prepared for. I gave this book 4 stars and look forward to the next book.

Thanks to the author for the opportunity to read and review this book.