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Finding Christmas

Finding Christmas - Jeannie Moon When I saw this book title, it reminded me of the song "Where are you Christmas?" by Faith Hill. A song that has become one of my favorite holiday tunes. So I took a look at the blurb and that totally hooked me in. It's not often that we get a wounded female military hero. I had to request this as one of my holiday reads.

I don't think it's being too spoilery to say that Maggie suffers from some PTSD, especially as the author mentions it in the acknowledgements. But she also is an amputee, and unfortunately, we are seeing more and more of our women soldiers coming back from serving with this challenge. I thought that Maggie, and her afflictions were handled brilliantly. We see that it's not just Maggie who has to adjust to her new normal, but her family and friends as well.

Will was an amazing guy who quickly won my heart. It's easy to forget in the search for the next great bad boy biker billionaire alpha male, that there is a reason most of us choose the nice guy in real life. I am so glad that Will was that nice guy.

Maggie and Will's romance stretches from Thanksgiving through the Christmas holiday. I know what your thinking, 6 weeks? That's not very long. But when you count the fact that the holiday season can add plenty of stress to a relationship, especially in a small town, it seemed like just the right amount of time. This was a perfect Christmas love story and I gave it 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and Tule Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.