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Under Wraps

Under Wraps - Jessica Almasy, Hannah Jayne This series was on my want to read list for quite awhile, so when I was able to get all the books in audio format for an amazing price... I jumped on it. And then I proceeded to let the disk containing them languish in my desk drawer. For months. My Month of TBRs seemed like a great time to get into this series, since I already have them just ready to be put on my player and enjoyed. And that was great, in theory.

I say in theory, because the files weren't listed in series order. And with each of them having Under in the title, I *cough* added the wrong file to my player. I spent so much time listening and trying to understand why the story just seemed off. Why wasn't I hearing the story I read about in the blurb? I was out of step with what was going on, and it was driving me crazy. It wasn't until I went to leave a little cranky comment in Goodreads that I realized that the titles didn't quite match up. Yep, that's right. I was listening to the wrong book first. *bangs head on desk* So several hours lost and the correct story added, I started again - much more better.

Jessica Almasy totally nailed the slightly naive, too optimistic quality that is Sophie; think Phoebe from Friends. She has a good heart, but not exactly a math-lete, you get me? Jessica' performance really nailed Sophie's whole vibe. Each of Jessica's voices really brought something to the character. I think my favorite voice though was Steve's, the troll who talks about himself in third person and is trying to score a date with Sophie.

All of the character's in the book were very distinctive and came alive for me. While this is an Urban Fantasy dealing with Vamps, Weres, Witches, Zombies, Trolls, etc. as well as murder and mayhem, it's not very dark. More like a fun cozy mystery that just happens to be set in a world populated by the undead. I like a book that doesn't take itself so very seriously on occasion and can poke a bit of fun at itself. I found this world to be imaginative and full of potential, (especially if my early peek into a later book is anything to go by.) I gave this book 3 stars.