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River Road

River Road - Jayne Ann Krentz I didn't discover Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick until just a few years ago. My sister had been reading her for years and finally persuaded me to give one of the Arcane Society books a try. Of course, I fell in intense like with the series and "libraried" my way through them quickly. When I ran out of those, I started looking at some of the earlier stand alones and smaller series she had written. I adored the Lost Colony books, but found some of the earlier contemporary stuff a bit dated. (That's the problem with contemporaries, 20 years later, and they're not so contemporary anymore.) But in the end, I found a prolific author I could trust for a good read. This book continues that good read tradition.

This book was an impressive mix of murder mystery and romance. Our two main characters have both returned to the small town where they last intersected. A town where it seems that though everyone is older and wiser, many of the same resentments and malice bubble hidden beneath the surface. I was completely shocked at who our villain(s) turned out to be. Usually I can figure these things out, but nope. It was a surprise. And I loved that! Sometimes figuring out the evil dude(s) is jsut way too easy. I want some challenge darn it. I mean, let's not get crazy stupid Sherlock Holmes hard, but not paint by numbers either.

Sometimes it's nice to just read a stand alone and not worry about sequels and what's next. This book gave me that, set in a charming town with some likeable accessible characters and just the right touch of thrill. I had a good time with this story and gave it 4 stars.