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Three Nights before Christmas (Montana Born Christmas)

Three Nights before Christmas (Montana Born Christmas) - Kat Latham I discovered Kat Latham with her wonderful London Legends series, all about Rubgy players and the women who love them. I knew nothing about Rugby before starting this series, besides the fact that it was kind of like American Football, but with a lot less in the way of pads or helmets. But I completely fell for the author's clever writing and witty dialogue, I still know very little about Rugby, but, you know, hot guys playing sweaty sports in my imagination! Wins all around! So yes, it was all about the name recognition when I saw this cross my Christmas potential reads list.

In addition to the great dialogue that I have come to expect from the author, I just had to read about a train engineer. One who's a former convict. And a female! A female train engineer ex-con. Never read that before! Totally made me look. And it was AWESOME! (Just sayin.) I totally dug Lacey and all the crap she has dealt with. Total bonus was finding out that our leading man, Austin, is the brother to Camila from Taming the Legend, the last book in the London Legends series.

I didn't go into this realizing the books were linked... or that this is the third book in the brother's series. So now I have to go track down One Night with Her Bachelor & Two Nights with His Bride. (Which I am sure that I will absolutely enjoy.) And if that's not bad enough, Lacey's brother has his own book too, by author Sarah Mayberry, that I totally have to read. Because getting a peek at his romance but not finding out the details is gnawing at me. *squinty eyes at tricksy authors*

Basically, this was a book about second chances and forgiveness. Forgiveness from others, yes, but forgiving yourself as well. Admitting that everyone makes mistakes, and being able to forgive yourself and move on was a major theme in this book. It felt longer than the number of pages listed, mostly because there was a lot of emotion packed into those 183 pages. I gave this 4 stars

Thanks to Netgalley and Tule Publishing for the opportunity to read and review the book.