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Brave the Heat

Brave the Heat - Sara  Humphreys Do you like a man in uniform? Meet Gavin, the Fire Chief of Old Brookfield, a small town set on the coast in New England. How about second chance at love stories? Jordan is the girl who got away; and she just moved home, newly divorced, with her two young daughters. Or how about stories of redemption? Jordan has moved back because her father, whom she has been estranged from for years is dying and she wants to confront the past. And let's not forget a dash of mystery - the fires that are being set around town. Who is setting them and why now? Quite a bit going on in this book, yes?

There was lot to enjoy in this first story of the Maguire brothers series. The town and it's occupants definitely have a back seat to the rekindling of Jordan and Gavin's love story, however we get enough set up for follow up books. The clues to who the Firebug was weren't hidden very deep, and the red herrings weren't bad, though I did figure it out before the big reveal. I really liked how smart Jordan was and how she handled herself during the dark turn that had Gavin second guessing their relationship. I really appreciate when a female character isn't just reactive, but is sensible and thinks about what is really going on.

It's funny that I always think of myself as being more into paranormal romances. So although the author's other series in that genre, Dead in the City, is on my list to one day read, it was this contemporary romance that grabbed my attention more. I couldn't help it, I do have a thing for firefighters... and second chances. That being said, the other series has easily slid higher on that someday pile now that I have partaken of and enjoyed the author's talents. I finished this book with a smile on my face and gave it 3 glitter covered stars. (2 young daughters... remember.)

Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read and review the book.