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Snowflake Wishes

Snowflake Wishes - Maggie McGinnis I originally picked this book up because I liked the cover. I’m not normally a fan of the minimalist object covers, but this one really worked for me. Holiday warm and fuzzy memories maybe? Maybe it was that I had author recognition, since this is the second Christmas book I have by the author. I don’t know, either way, I am glad that I took a look at it.

This is a second chance at love holiday romance. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a sweet/clean romance, but it wasn’t until well after the fact that I even noticed. Smexy times, or the lack there of, wasn’t crucial to the story being told. Noah and Piper had plenty of issues to work through, together and on their own. Events in the book allowed them to open up to each other in a way they hadn’t before and that lead to their resolution and the eventual HEA. Additionally, this is the prequel to a series, so no worries on jumping in on an existing series.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. I felt for both Piper and Noah, letting their fears keep them apart for 7 years. But the ensuing years allowed them to grow and mature, leading them back together. If you are looking for a sweet second chance at love and believe in Christmas Miracles, give this one a try. I gave it 3 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.