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A Bad Boy for Christmas

A Bad Boy for Christmas - Jessica Lemmon I am a sucker for a good Christmas story. So when I saw that the next "Bad Boy" book in the Second Chance series was Christmas themed, I did a little cheer. Add in the fact that this one is all about Connor, that hunky landscape artist from the last book and *fanning self* whoo boy, let's get started!

I remember Connor from the last book as being pretty easy going and doing gentle flirting and teasing. He brings that to this book, but now we get to see his depths too. As an army veteran, he carries some emotional scars from his time overseas. While Faith is in danger, he gently but firmly steps in and starts handling things. Since the two of them both have a betrayal in their past, they click on many levels and while they spend time together, they really get to know each other better. There is no insta love going on here. Just a lovely slide from acquaintances, to friends, to lovers.

Faith currently works with Sophie, from Rescuing the Bad Boy. Several times during that book and this one, comments are made about her being "model" beautiful, being tall, slim and pretty. It's hard to imagine a woman like that having body issues, but it can happen to the best of us. The way Connor handled her issues was just right and is a gentle reminder to us all that everyone can have body image issues.

Both Connor and Faith came to this relationship with baggage. It was their ability to assist each other with the issues that were weighing each other down that really spoke to me. Connor showed Faith that she could depend and lean on him and Faith showed Conner that he was loved and had a life ahead of him. They complemented each other so nicely. I couldn't help but give a happy sigh with the news in the epilogue; I do so love a happy ending. This was another 5 star read in the series.

Thanks to Netgalley and Forever Publishing for the opportunity to read and review the book.