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The Scam

The Scam - Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg I know that as a female, I'm supposed to be into the whole girly, wildly uber-emotionally drama filled chick lit and romance genres. Um. Yeah, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I love a romance as much as the next person, but what really lights my fire is a action/adventure with a strong female lead and plenty of giggle worth dialogue. Throw in mystery, romance, whatevs, but the more heart pounding scenes to be found, the more I like it. I think that's why my favorite novels include some kind of mystery or suspense and if you can make me laugh, I'm sold. This series just totally pushes all the right buttons. Hilarious dialogue, Check. Over-the-Top Adventure, Check. Kick Your Ass Female lead, Check.

There was a lot to like about this book, and I just got done giving you my top 3 reasons. But there is so much more. Like the interactions between Kate and her dad Jake, the interesting locations and stellar and elaborate cons, not to mention the sexual tension between Kate and Nick. Up till now there really hasn't been a cliffhanger, so when the authors decided to leave us with one, they went all out. I hit that last page with a gasp and a loud WTH! Not what I was expecting, to say the least. So now the count down must begin for the next book... *grumpf*

Is there a lot of depth and literary meaning to be had in this series? Probably not. That doesn't change the fact that they are a fun means of escapism for a few hours, that leave me feeling upbeat and usually giggling over a clever bit of dialogue for days or even weeks afterward. Once I started reading this, I couldn't put it down... except for the couple of three times I had to take deep breaths or grab my inhaler because I laughed myself into an asthma attack. These books just keep getting better and better and was another 5 star read for me.

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Publishing for the opportunity to read and review the book.