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Review: Love and Protect by Lori Ryan (@loriryanauthor)


Love and Protect


Heroes of Evers, Texas #1


Lori Ryan


Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: SilverHart Publishing
Date of Publication: December 29, 2015
Number of pages: 191
Word Count: 70,000



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Laura Kensington is a desperate woman. She knows that if she doesn't flee, not only is her life in danger, so is the life of her unborn child. With everything to lose, she flees to Evers, Texas with a new identity, taking refuge on the ranch of Cade Bishop, a man who firmly believes in second chances. Drawn to Cade, Laura finds comfort in his passion and his love, yet she fears he sees her as merely another needy case. But when her past resurfaces, bringing grave peril into her world once more, Cade is Laura’s only hope. Relentless enemies, ones both anticipated and unexpected, are drawing closer by the day, ensnaring her in a deadly web of deception, betrayal, and murder. And her only chance to break free lies in Cade's powerful will, unrelenting protection, and loving heart.

**Cade and Laura's story re-released by SilverHart Publishing in a hotter, extended version!

Let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of Lori's Sutton Capital Series. So I was excited to see a new series being released. Turns out, it's actually a revamp of her Evers, Texas series from 2014.  As I had not had a chance to read those books, this will be my first introduction to the characters.

The story opens with Laura doing the preliminary work to escape her violently abusive husband; think Sleeping with the Enemy abuseShe has a solid plan in place and is just waiting for the perfect moment to implement it. Then the unexpected happens - her husband dies. She still wants to escape, but her controlling and domineering mother-in-law will never let her leave, especially carrying the next generation of Kensingtons.  So with a little timely help, she quickly disappears, making her way to Evers, Texas and the Bishop ranch, where she has been promised safety.

There we meet Cade Bishop. A man who has a special knack for working with abused and mistreated animals. It will take all his skills and understanding to get through to Laura and as the months pass, she finally starts to relax and think about the future. But of course, nothing is that simple. The Kensington family don't plan on giving up easily. And neither does someone else. Someone who wants back what Laura's husband took from him.

I do need to give a warning. This book has a recounting of domestic violence and rape. They aren't glossed over or trivialized, but handled with care, authenticity and had a genuine quality. But they could be a trigger for someone sensitive to these matters. They were tough to read, but really gave a new depth and understanding to the character. I also very much applauded our hero's reaction to learning this information. It showed a unique understanding of the situation that I don't think many authors get accurate. There wasn't a quick fix to Laura with the "magic penis", but months worth of spending every day with Cade on the ranch; learning to trust him and herself and taking small steps both forward and back. When they finally did come together, they had a solid base of trust and friendship for their relationship.

Even with the tough subject matter, I still really enjoyed this book.  I especially enjoyed the town folk of Evers. I think this is going to be another fantastic series. I gave this book 4 stars.

Thanks to the author for the opportunity to read and review the book.

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