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@GoddessFish Guest Post: The Alex Chronicles: What My Friends Don't Know by Tracy Reed (@readtracyreed)


What My Friends Don't Know


The Alex Chronicles, #1


Tracy Reed


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Tracy Reed
Date of Publication: January 19, 2016
Number of pages: 360
Cover Artist: Mayer George




Available at the following retailers:
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Alexandra “Alex” Miller and her best friends are more like sisters. They live by the code that a good girlfriend will stick by you and be honest with you not matter what.

They’ve been friends over twenty years and have seen each other through marriage, divorce, broken engagement, death and other minor crisis. But it’s the secrets they’ve failed to trust each other with. Each of them is holding on to a secret they believe could destroy not only their reputation, but their friendship as well.

Alex and her best friends, Chloe, Taylor, Kendell and Dionne all long for one thing, a happy ending. As they’ve gotten older, they’ve discovered, not everyone gets the fairytale happy ending they want, but the reality life has orchestrated for them.


He stopped in front of us and my mind immediately filled with thoughts no good Christian girl should know anything about. I wonder what he looks like wet and naked. I looked around hoping I hadn’t said that out loud.

“Hello, Taylor.” He smiled.

Oh God, did You recycle Barry White’s voice box and put it inside this beautiful package? My hormones and body went into a tailspin and I was ruined for any other man on this planet.

“Hi Moses. I’m glad you came.”

He kissed the back of her hand and replied, “Thank you for inviting me. Good evening, I’m Moses Adair.” He took my hand, turned it over and gently kissed it. I think my uterus just flipped over.

Moses, lead me to the Promise land. “Alexandra Miller.”

“Are you the Alex?” He asked.

If I wasn’t, I was now. “Which Alex would that be?” I replied with a smile.

“The Alex I’ve been hearing people talk about all evening.”

“Depends on what you’ve heard.” I’m trying to flirt and that’s not something I’m good at. I wanted to tell him, “I’m whoever I need to be in order to keep talking to you.”

“Excuse me,” Taylor said and left us standing in the middle of the room.

“I heard a woman say she hoped the pink dress Alex was wearing would be available at the store, because she liked the way it...” He slowly looked me up and down. When his eyes met mine, he was smiling. I instantly recognized that smile. It’s the same one I had when I first spotted him. “...framed her face.”

I gave him the same smile he gave me. “Then, I guess I am that Alex.”

Guest Post: 

How To Create an Inspiring Work Area…

this is such a great question. I have been working on my new office space for a little while. It’s not complete yet. However, I’ve been doing a few things to get in gear for my new space.

Here’s my list of Inspiring Work Space Necessities:

A good scented candle - Surround yourself in a nice calm, relaxing scent. It will clear your mind and free up the path for ideas.

Non-traditional office or desk accessories - use old candle holders for pens, paper and binder clips and rubber bands. Cover cardboard boxes in luxe wallpaper. Use small gift boxes for post it notes and scratch paper.

Colorful notebooks and binders - I buy generic notebooks and binders and then cover them in luxe wrapping paper or fabric swatches. I want everything to be coordinated and pretty.

Encouraging Quotes and Verses - Simply print out quotes or verses that are motivational to you and post them to the wall next to your computer. This way, when you feel a little overwhelmed, you can repeat your motivating words.

Water bottle or glass - This is crucial. I’m guilty of not drinking enough water. In an attempt to drink more, I bought a cool “BKr” water bottle. It’s glass and comes with a colorful rubber sleeve. Mine is the pink 16oz size. I keep it next to my computer. Sometimes, I’ll set the timer for every hour, reminding me to drink. You can do the same thing with a pretty glass.

Fancy coffee or tea cup - Like most writers, I start my day with coffee or tea. Whatever your preference, treat yourself to a fancy cup and saucer and place it on your desk. Drinking out of a fancy cup and saucer, makes reading your email a lot less painful. Not to mention, a great cup of coffee or tea is good for clearing out the mind clutter.

Music, Music, Music - I make playlists for my books. When I’m stuck, I head over to iTunes and hit a one of my playlists or I search for new artists that inspire or relax me.

Flowers - I have yet to incorporate this, but it’s on my list for this year. I want to pretty up my desk to the next level with my favorite fresh flowers.

In my new work space, I have a couple of a vision boards and a wipe off board. I use the wipe off board as an accountability list board. The vision boards are for personal and professional goals. All three serve as reminders and inspiration.

I think once I get my work space completely decorated, I’ll be even more productive.

Thank you for hosting me.


Author Bio:

I am a single Christian woman who loves God, Fashion and Cute Guys. Not all women who write Christian fiction will admit to that.

The subjects I write about are considered taboo in Christian fiction. If you want to read about Christians dealing with unrequited love, apprehension to give love another chance, arranged marriages, physical attraction, divorce, annulment, controlling their urges, infidelity, abortion, dating younger men, being a single mother, slipping up and sleeping with your estranged ex, standing up for yourself, being honest about not liking your in-laws, still being attracted to your ex, battling postpartum depression, having challenges in your walk with Christ or if you aren't too proud to admit you sometimes get angry and yell at God, then you're in the right place.

The people that read my books have a thing for designer clothes and accessories and aren't ashamed to admit it. To them a cute Christian guy on their arm is the finish to the perfect outfit. Sort of like lipstick, you don't have to have it, but it sure makes you feel prettier when you do. To connect with the author online:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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