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Review: Find Me by Margaret Watson (@mwatsonauthor)


Series: The Donovan Family, #3
Publisher: Margaret Watson
Published: December 9, 2013
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 268 pages

I don't normally like to read series books out of order. But when I was offered this book from the author, she assured me that it could be read as a stand alone. Since the vast majority of the book is Mac and Lizzy alone together, without family or friends around, there was truth in that statement.

Lizzy had the bad luck of seeing someone killed. Turns out both the person killed and the killer were FBI agents. Unfortunately, Lizzy has not had good personal experiences with the "Blue Line" that all all cops share. And running on no sleep, shock and shear terror, Lizzy grabs what she absolutely has to have, and bolts for safety.  Luckily, Lizzy was able to get away and find safety on an island in Washington state that houses the summer camp she attended back in her youth.  In the middle of winter, with no way to access it, except by boat, it should be a safe place to hide out.

From the first time Lizzy came in to give a statement, Mac was having very inappropriate thoughts about Lizzy. Then when she seemed to just disappear, leaving him with no leads on the death of his partner, Mac got a bit obsessed. It took him a couple of months, and a bit of luck, but he tracked Lizzy down. Now he just has to convince her to trust him when he says believes her and that he will help her.

I liked Lizzy's gutsy-ness and levelheadedness. She thought ahead, played it smart and I really admired her for it. She was the complete antithesis of the TSTL female character. Mac, on the other hand, I didn't really like. I found it really odd. Most of the time, it's the female character I have an issue with. This time it was the male. He came off as a bit of a condescending jerk in the beginning and I just couldn't warm up to him. Then there was their first sex scene, and I was a bit eww-ed out by it. I understand it was a plot device, but still - eww.

I did like the over-all plot and the writing was well done. The dialogue was tight and once Mac and Lizzy were once again in Chicago, the family dynamics were fun and heartwarming. Then there was Lizzy's dog Franny.  The author did a great job of making sure that Franny's needs weren't forgotten and portrayed them in a very realistic way. It's nice to see an author remember that dogs have to be fed, walked and played with. Every. Single. Day. And not just when their needs can be a vehicle to move the plot along. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  Overall, I enjoyed this read and would tray another in the series. I gave this book a solid 3 stars.

The author provided me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

After witnessing the murder of an FBI agent in a parking garage late one night, Lizzy Monroe meets with the FBI and agrees to work with a sketch artist. But on her way out of the office, she comes face to face with the killer – another FBI agent. She knows from experience what happens when a criminal is a member of law enforcement – cops protect their own. So when the killer shows up at her door later that morning, she knows she has no choice but to run.

From the moment he sees her, Mac Donovan is intrigued by – and in lust with – their beautiful witness. After Lizzy disappears, he spends his free time tracking her down. When he finally finds her on a remote island in the San Juans, their chemistry is explosive and the sex is even hotter. But he's hiding his identity from her. What will happen when she discovers who he really is? Will she be able to forgive his betrayal? Or will the killer find them first?
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