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Feral Sins

Feral Sins  - Suzanne  Wright The first book introduces us not only to Taryn, a dominate healer and Trey, an alpha pack leader, but this alternative world where shifters have outed themselves to humans. Mostly the humans and shifters get along, but there is still some segregation and an Us vs Them mentality on both sides. Overall though, mostly what we learn about are the rules for Shifter society, specifically, the wolves.

Shifters have what's known as a True Mate. The person who is created specifically to be just for them. Most shifters spend their entire lives looking for this True Mate. However, not everyone finds their True Mate. Sometimes a shifter will give up looking and decide to settle for someone else. A bond can be formed, but it is never as deep or true as a True Mate bond.

Taryn and Trey decide that they are going to have to settle. Especially since each believes that their True Mate died when they were children. Trey is looking for alliances to protect his pack from his uncle's machinations, while Taryn is trying to escape a forced marriage to an abusive wolf her father has chosen for her. Each is using the other to get what they want, but when they learn to work together and trust one another, the rules of their temporary arrangement will have to change.

The second book features Dante and Jaime, the beta of the Phoenix pack and his childhood friend. Dante doesn't want a mate, especially as he saw what his father's beta position did to his mother. He doesn't think that any woman can handle being with someone who has to put some much of their time into pack matters. Jaime, has a deep secret that she tries very hard to keep hidden - her wolf has issues. However, when Dante figures it out, he works with Jaime to strengthen herself and fight her wolf. As the two spend more and more time together, they will learn they are the strongest when together, rather than apart.

The final book covers Shaya, a submissive and favorite of the Phoenix Pack and Nick, a born Alpha. Since as a leader of a pack, taking a submissive as a mate would cause endless heartache for the female, Nick doesn't claim Shaya and rejects her. This causes Shaya to leave and lead Nick on a merry chase to win her back, after he realizes what he has done. They will both have to overcome their fears and guilt over their pasts if they are ever going to be truly able to bond as True Mates.

First off, let me say that Jill Redfield rocked as narrator. She nailed both the male and female voices, sweeping me away into a whole nother world, populated by snarky females and growling alpha males. I was a little worried about my being uncomfortable listening to the erotic parts, but she stayed so natural with her storytelling that I stayed in the moment. I was very impressed with her style and will definitely be adding Ms. Redfield to my watch list.

Second, I know there is some discussion abut a menage scene in the first book that totally offended most of the readers because it felt "off" with the rest of the story. But I have no idea what the heck these people are talking about. There was NO menage scene in any of the books. Was there some seriously hot alpha dominating their mates scenes? Ugh, yeah! So I have no idea what these earlier reviews are talking about, and can just say that if they were re-written, Ms. Wright got it 'Right' this time around. *wink*

Overall I really enjoyed all three books. I believe the next book is about Nick's sister and one of the enforcers from the Phoenix Pack, however there were no cliffhangers at the end to worry about. I all three books a 4 star rating.