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The Wedding Trap (Second Service)

The Wedding Trap (Second Service) - Adrienne Bell When I saw this cover on Netgalley recently, I just had to take a look. Then once I saw that this was a case of pretending to be someone else and at a wedding no less, throw in the undercover business and I was sold. It sounded like there would be plenty of opportunities for laughs.

Beth Bradley is the Maid of Honor and Best Friend to the Bride at the wedding. Her ex-boyfriend is the brother and Best Man to the Groom. So after their break up, when he started serial dating again, she pulled out Charlie. Charlie was her go-to-excuse-guy since she created him in 7th grade. The only one who knows the truth is her best friend. When she catches Alex going through her ex-boyfriends car in the parking lot, she blackmails him into pretending to be Charlie just long enough to explain that he can't stay.

Alex Tanner is at the wedding, trying to figure out who is a double agent, using the wedding to sell national secrets to the Bride's Venezuelan crime family. At first he thought he was going to have to do some fast talking when he was caught breaking into the Best Man's car. Now he has the perfect excuse to be in the middle of the action and really keep an eye on things. As it turns out, its a good thing, because Beth ends up becoming a target when she sees something she shouldn't have.

This was a fun, quick read. I really enjoyed Beth and Alex's chemistry. The dialogue between all the characters was natural and fun. I would read the author again and gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.