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Dancing with Dragons

Dancing with Dragons - Lorenda Christensen Dancing with Dragons is the second book in the DRACIM series by Lorenda Christensen. The first book, Never Deal with Dragons, I really enjoyed. I hate to say it but I just didn't connect with this book like I did the first.

This book picks up during the end of book 1, but told from the perspective of Carol Jenski, Myrna's best friend, roommate and fashion expert. During the fighting that went on in Budapest, Carol ended up injured and in the hospital. She is still recuperating and coming to terms with having half her head shaved due to stitches, when the fall out of the attack on DRACIM in Tulsa brings a reporter to her hospital room. As it turns out, her boyfriend Richard has placed the blame for the attack squarely on her shoulders and Lord Relobu wants her brought in for "questioning". With no where to go and no one to turn to, trusting the reporter Daniel Wallent seems to be her only option.

Daniel Wallent is a reporter on the trail of a huge story. He believes that there is a war brewing concerning the now empty Chinese territory. It appears that the Lady Savitiri, the dragon lord of India, Pakistan and Nepal is getting ready to move her troops into China and take over. But he needs definitive proof before it can go to press. And that's where Carol and her dragonspeak abilities come in. Daniel gets Carol to go undercover in Lady Savitiri's headquarters and help him get the proof he needs.

I wanted to like this book. I really did. The first one was so good, that when I saw Netgalley had this one, I quickly requested it. Unfortunately, there were many times that I kept putting the story down and coming back to it days later. There were exciting parts, and the pacing was good. My problem is that I just couldn't connect with Carol. OMG, it felt like all she did was whine, complain and whine some more. Every time she turned around she was needing to be rescued. I don't know who that is supposed to be on the cover, but trust me, its not Carol. Daniel was a great character and getting a chance to check in on Trian and Myrna was nice. Overall I gave this book 3 stars, but I really am hoping for a stronger female protagonist in the next book.