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A Major Attraction

A Major Attraction - Marie Harte The story starts with Major Kyle Waters coming home after being gone for 8 months on board ship on a tour of the Mediterranean. It's the middle of the night, he is tired and just ready for bed. When he stumbles into his bed in the dark, he doesn't see the woman sleeping on the other side.

Olivia Cava is gently awoken to the rumble of a sound, but it's dark and not time for her to get up yet. So she snuggles back in to the warm embrace of her fantasy man. As his hands move over her and his kisses along her neck make her feel good, she realizes that its not a fantasy, but a real life man. Olivia starts using the self-defense moves her brothers taught her, causing Kyle to wake with a jolt of pain, ready to fight.

Once in the light, they recognize each other. She is the owner of his favorite coffee shop, and he is the guy that she has been secretly drooling over. As it turns out, Kyle's ex-girlfriend sublet out his house to Olivia while he was gone, never telling her who the landlord actually was. Kyle makes the suggestion for Olivia to stay on, he will clean out the spare room and they can share the house until her lease is up. As the two get to know one another the heat between them becomes combustible.

This was was a hot, steamy read; smexy from the beginning to the end. Though it seemed like Insta-Love, it really wasn't. The two of them had been eyeing each other for months before his tour sent him away. And there is nothing like a bit of sleepy groping to really get to know someone in a hurry, *snicker*. Both Kyle and Olivia had issues to overcome and I liked that though Kyle had a massive Asshat moment, when he figured it out, there was a beautiful apology scene. I would read the next 2 books in the series and gave this one 4 stars.