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Biting Bad

Biting Bad - Chloe Neill, Sophie Eastlake I can't believe that I have just finished book 8 in the Chicagoland Vampire series by Chloe Neill. There is only one more to go before I am caught up. The series has over all been very good. This latest release had a slower feel to it, the pace and action, building slowly over time, till by the end I couldn't believe where they ended up. I will say that if I hadn't had the next book ready to go, I would have been upset about the bit of cliffhanger ending.

Merit, the Sentinel of Cadagon House, has been slowly becoming more confident and sure in her position of the last eight books. Even though she was turned to save her life, it was without her permission. When she found out that her father played a part in the attack and subsequent save, she is beyond upset with him. Merit has continued to wonder and wish certain days that she could go back to her human existence. What happens at the end of this book, finally allows Merit to decide once and for all, just who she wants to be.

The were some very interesting scenes in this book. Merit faces down rioters, takes Sullivan home for dinner with her parents, there's a fight with the GP on the front lawn, battling a burning building and even an uber-romantic Valentine's moment. Merit once again ends up in the thick of things, proving that she is the go-to girl for investigating the supernatural problems of Chicago.

This book wrapped up some things from previous books, but opened up a whole host more issues for the upcoming books. The overall story line has been well thought out and I continue to adore the secondary characters that are vital to keeping the story moving, although I think the author was a giant tease with giving us basic instructions on making that flourless chocolate torte with raspberry chocolate ganache glaze, but not sharing the recipe! And the worst part? We didn't even get to listen to Merit eating any of it either. I cry foul! Overall, I liked the slow build, with tension rising until the big finish. It was a nice change of pace and gave the book a different feel, helping with the idea that the story will be moving in a new direction. A 4 star read.