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House Rules

House Rules  - Chloe Neill, Sophie Eastlake Here I am with the Chicagoland Vampires, book 7. Its hard to believe that I am just about caught up with the series. Only 2 more book to go till I join those waiting anxiously for the next installment. After my disappointments with Biting Cold, I was happy that I was able to pretty much have a handle on all the voices and characters. Just a reminder, there will be spoilers for previous books in the series. Otherwise this review would be about 3 sentences long. :)

Our story starts with Merit and Ethan getting ready to deal with the fall out of choosing to leave the GP before they are thrown out. Ethan being the strong Strat that he is, has gotten together a team to help keep the figurative bloodshed to a minimum. One of the people on his transition team though gives Merit some serious pause, Lacey Sheridan - Ethan's former lover and current Master of Sheridan House. The woman who wants Ethan back.

But that's not all that is going on. Two rogue vampires are found killed in an old warehouse, in a hidden room. They are found decapitated, holding hands. Pieces of aspen found in the room leads them to think that McKettrick, the new Human Liaison and staunch Vamp Hater, had something to do with it. But there is also the drama of Merit's initiation into the Red Guard and Lacey's misinterpretation of it, which leads to Ethan finding out about Merit's involvement. Throw in trying to build back her relationship with Mallory and find a missing art piece before they are attached by the fairies and Merit is not having a good week.

Ethan showed some real growth in his relationship with Merit and I can honestly say that I only wanted to throttle him a few times in this book, versus other books where it was a nearly constant impulse. The GP continues to show that they are out of touch asshats and I keep wondering when exactly the rest of the Houses are going to clue in to this fact and revolt. This was an exciting book and I gave it a firm 4 stars.