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Twice Bitten

Twice Bitten  - Chloe Neill, Cynthia Holloway Twice Bitten is the third book in the Chicagoland Vampire series and picks up almost immediately following the events at the end of book 2. Merit has been receiving these red envelopes with hinting at an invitation to some thing special. I admit that I had this crazy thought that they were some kind of invitation to the Raves that they had been investigating. Turns out I was way wrong. Turns out, Merit has been invited to join the historic Red Guard, the secret police of the Vampire Masters. She is flabbergasted by the invitation, especially with how new she is and with her loyalties still forming in her mind, she requests some time to think about the offer.

When Gabriel, the Apex of the North American Shifters requests Ethan and especially Merit to be part of the security for the up coming pack meetings and massive event called the Convocation. This put Merit and Ethan neck deep in shifter politics. All the while dealing with a break up with her semi-kinda boyfriend Morgan, a fight with her best friend Mallory and the confusing feeling growing between herself and Ethan.

This book took us deeper into the Vampire world, gave us more insight into the Shifter world, let Merit start using all that training she has been getting, thrilled those rooting from a Ethan/Merit pairing then broke our hearts and ended with a bang. I was so much happier with where this book versus book 2. I felt like Merit is really starting to get her head on and grow into the position of Sentinel for her house as well as a bad ass chick. I am really enjoying the direction this book is headed and can't wait to start the next book. I had to give this book 4 stars.