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The Unidentified Redhead

The Unidentified Redhead  - Alice Clayton I have been having such a great time looking for new reads to listen to and have on the hunt for things that looked interesting when I came across The Redhead Series by Alice Clayton. I read Wallbanger and loved it. Which of course meant that I would either love or hate then next thing I read by the author. When I saw the series, I figured "What the Hell?" and went ahead and grabbed the series. I am so glad that I did.

Grace Sheridan is 33 years old and back in Hollywood to give acting another shot. She had been chewed up and spit out 10 years prior, went back home to the midwest, back to school, and got a "real" job. It's not until some friends take her to see the musical Rent for her birthday that she realizes how much she still wanted the dream she gave up on. So she started working towards getting back to that dream.

Her best friend since college, Holly, had originally moved to LA near the same time as Grace, but went into management. She remained in LA and rose up the ranks to become one of the top managers for new talent. When Grace decided to move back and give her dream another go, Holly invited her to stay with her until she got settled in. The story opens with Grace trying desperately to pull the zipper on the skin tight badass jeans that Holly had talked her into buying. Holly is throwing a party to celebrate her new management company and Grace felt that she needed the mind set the jeans would give her.

It's at this party that Grace meets Jack Hamilton. Jack is 24, British, and getting ready to become a break out star due to a movie that will be releasing soon based on a serial story published in women's magazines about a time traveling scientist. A very hot, sexy scientist in a very hot, sexy story. When Grace and Jack meet, they totally hit it off.

The amount of witty banter and sexy give and take was fabulous, plus the smexy scenes were OMG! hot. At one point while listening to this on the way to work, I had to pull the car off the road because I was laughing too hard to drive. Grace is that funny, spontaneous, no filters, let-it-all-hang-out-there person that we all secretly wish we could pull off. I loved being in Grace's head. She had some of the funniest conversations arguing with her inner self. Plus, the sarcasm. Loved it!

Keili Lefkovitz did a great job with Grace. When I first started listening, I was a bit disappointed that there weren't specific voices for each character. I admit that I was looking forward to Jack's British tones. But after a bit, I found that she did such a great job on emoting for Grace and showing us the world through Grace's eyes and thoughts that I really didn't miss the British. It felt like I was Grace's best friend and she was sharing her story with me. I wasn't watching this unfold from a distance. I was right there living it with her. Basically it boils down to this. I loved this book, from start to finish. Totally a 5 star read.