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Pack of Lies

Pack of Lies - Laura Anne Gilman This was the second book in the Paranormal Scene Investigations by Laura Anne Gilman and read by Romy Nordlinger. I started this audiobook soon after the conclusion of Hard Magic. It was easy to dive right back into the story, though the author did give us a bit of a catch up at the beginning for those new to the series or just needing a refresher.

Once again we followed Bonita Torres, young magic user and member of the Private Unaffiliated Paranormal Investigations team in New York. After the success of their first case in Hard Magic they have had a minor case that didn't end as well as they hoped. But as they keep telling everyone, they aren't cops or a judge and jury. They just find out the truth, present it and let others make those determinations.

They take on another case that looks to be a fairly open and shut. However it turns out to be anything but. There are half truths and schemes, games and machinations from behind the scenes that seek to discredit the P.U.P.I. team. They have to work together to come up with new angles and ideas in order to uncover the truth.

One thing interesting about this story was that we were taken into the mind of Benjamin Venec this time around. There is an interesting and unique bond growing between Venec and Bonnie. We caught hints of it in Hard Magic, but it develops to a point that Bonnie and Venec will have to discuss and decide what and how they are going to handle things between them.

I am really enjoying this world and getting to know the characters betters. The growing dynamics between the group is explored more in this book than the first. I enjoyed the book and am working on getting my hands on the next two in the series. 4 stars on Goodreads.