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Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation Tactics - Lori Ryan This is the third book in the Sutton Capital Series by Lori Ryan. I discovered this series doing book tours and have been lucky enough to have been involved in a tour for each of the books as they have been released. Each book has built on characters introduced in previous books, and this one is no exception. This is the story of Jennie and Chad, first introduced in Book 1, Legal Ease. We have watched them dance around each other for two books, and this book is the big release after all that building tension.

The story opens with Chad waking from a nightmare. He still suffers them from his time spent in the military. It becomes obvious that Chad has some survivor's guilt over making it out alive. He answers his phone to Jennie needing a ride. She was stranded at a park with no shoes and no way home. Chad is immediately worried that someone has hurt her or worse, but she quickly assures him that she is fine. Just tired and sore from running in bare feet. When Chad gets to Jennie, he demands to know how she got in this predicament. Jennie had gone for her normal run, ending in the unauthorized swim in the pool of a frequent traveler. She never used his pool if he was home, but apparently he figured out that someone was poaching and got a guard dog. This caused Jennie to have to make a run for it, and when she grabbed up her things, she left her shoes behind. This is typical Jennie, and when she told Jill and Kelly, her best friends, they laughed about it. Chad on the other had, was not amused.

It is shortly after this incident between the two, that Jack, head of Sutton Capital, Kelly's husband and Chad's cousin, gets a request from an old friend about checking into a potential investment property, a tropical honeymoon destination. The plot is hatched to send Chad and Jennie undercover to investigate the property for 2 weeks as honeymooners. The hope is that by forcing them together, maybe they will finally admit their attraction to each other. Except, things are not always as they appear at the resort and soon Chad is taking Jennie into hiding for the sake of her very life.

Let me first start by saying, that it is a darn good thing that I read this on my day off. I had a nice chunk of time set aside to be devoted to this book, and I needed every bit of it. Because I wasn't going anywhere once I got into this book. Between the emotional roller-coaster that Ms. Ryan had me on and the box of tissues I went through from the emotional wringer I went through, I wouldn't have been able to get anything else done. Typically, I don't like to read books that I know I am going to cry in. But I just couldn't put this one down. I was so emotionally invested in Chad and Jennie's journey, I just had to keep reading. If Ms. Ryan keeps amping up the emotional power of each book, the next one just might kill me! This was a 5 star read. Just remember to have the time and tissues to invest in this book before you start it.