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The Baker's Bodyguard

The Baker's Bodyguard - Lori Ryan I discovered this series during a book blast tour for the first book in the series, Legal Ease. I didn't do a review during the tour, but the book nagged at me enough that when the second book, Penalty Clause came up for tour, I signed up for it and read and reviewed both of them. The third book, Negotiation Tactics was a 5 star read for me and I was thrilled to see that there was a novella available. Ms Ryan was stupendous enough to send me this story upon my request for review.

This is the story of Jesse, sister of Kelly from book one and Zach Harris, the bodyguard from book two. It has been about 9 months since Kelly was kidnapped and recovered. Unfortunately for Jesse, she is slowly becoming too afraid to go anywhere alone and too afraid to admit the truth to her family. She has even deferred her admittance into a prestigious culinary academy in New York where she planned on getting the training she needed to open her own bakery. Luckily for Jesse, her mother starts to suspect that something is wrong and goes to Jack, Kelly's husband for advice and counsel. Jack knows just the bodyguard slash victims advocate who can help Jesse overcome her fears.

This story about a woman overcoming her fears and learning to live again was beautifully written. The chemistry between Jesse and Zach is a slow build, as Jesse comes to terms with her fears and learns to trust herself again. Zach is the right mix of tough guy, tough love and supportive friend. This was a 4 star book and one that I am so glad I got to read.