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Exile on Slain Street (Clancy Parker Mysteries, #2)

Exile on Slain Street (Clancy Parker Mysteries, #2) - P.J. Morse Since I had enjoyed the first book in the Clancy Parker Mystery series, Heavy Mental so much, the author asked me if I would like to read the second book in exchange for an honest review. I quickly accepted, now some *cough* 9 months ago. It is my own fault that this review was not done promptly, please don't blame the author's writing. It is all on me.

The story opens on Clancy finding a dead body floating in a pool on the set of a reality tv dating show, for the heart of rock star Patrick Price. Patrick has a stalker and Clancy has been hired to protect him and find the stalker. But how can you tell the difference between a stalker and reality show contestants specifically picked for their drama potential? The answer is you can't. Which is why she is undercover on the show as one of the contestants. The dead body she finds? The producer of the show and the man who hired her. Now that the stalker has graduated to murderer, Clancy will have to find the stalker/murderer, protect Patrick and keep from getting killer herself, all the while working hard to remind herself that Patrick's a client and NOT a real love interest. You know, just another day in the life of a rock'n roll PI.

When I looked back at this book, it all came flooding back. Exactly how much I enjoyed the story. As we are all aware, sometimes a sequel just doesn't measure up to the first. This was not the case here. This book took all the best parts from the first book and took them to the next level. Clancy's friends show up again, some playing the part of her family on the show, others to offer help and assistance where ever they could. They provide some much needed comic relief and keep the emotional tone of the book balanced. I was pleasantly surprised that the stalker/murderer wasn't who I thought it was along with some other interesting revelations. I love it when an author can keep me guessing right to the very end. Even with some time and distance this ranks as a 4 star read.