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Miss Kane's Christmas

Miss Kane's Christmas - Caroline Mickelson There is something about the Christmas season that makes most people smile a little brighter, laugh a little longer and forgive a little faster. It is the one time all year that we go out of our way to live the 'goodwill towards men' lifestyle. Why? Maybe because for most of us, we retain memories and echoes of the feelings of magic and hope from our childhood Christmases. Dreams of Santa, the elves, North Pole and a sleigh pulled by magical reindeer, were encouraged and built upon year after year. Only a true Scrooge could deny the beauty of seeing the wonder in a child's eyes during the Christmas season. And that is exactly what we have in this book, a Scrooge. He can't even seem to help himself, even though he is not actually deliberately trying to remove all the joy from his children's young lives.

The story opens on Santa giving his daughter Carol an assignment. She will be playing the part of a nanny for a young girl and boy who's father, Ben, doesn't believe in Christmas. She has just a matter of days to show him the true meaning of Christmas and restore his Christmas spirit. Otherwise his book, Beyond Bah Humbug: Why Lying to Your Child about Santa is a Bad Idea could affect Christmas for an untold number of children around the world.

I will be honest, the romance portion of this book, just didn't do it for me. It didn't make sense to me how they managed to fall in love so quickly. But changing Ben's mind about Christmas was well played. I enjoyed watching him see his children change before his eyes and his realization of what he was doing to them was well written and touching. I adored the elves, especially Rapz, and wish I had gotten to see more of them and the kids were hoot. Overall, if you are looking for a feel good story, with a reminder of why the Christmas spirit is important, then this was a great read. I have it 3 stars on Goodreads.