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Sherlock's Home: The Adventure of the Contentious Crone

Sherlock's Home: The Adventure of the Contentious Crone - Pamela Rose, Pamela Rose Hofer This is the first book in the Finn Sherlock Series by Pamela Rose. I signed up to review for this book tour because I have always been fascinated with the Sherlock Holmes character and I love a good cozy mystery. Now I am going to state flat out that I am by no means super knowledgeable about Sherlock Holmes. What does that mean? Basically, I have watched many of the various television shows and movies concerning the character over the years, but have only read *cough* one *cough* of the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. So I know just enough to be dangerous, as the saying goes. *grin*

This story starts with Finn Sherlock, her twin sister Echo and their Uncle Oz working on their window display for Halloween. Together the three of them own and operate the Sherlock's Home Mystery Bookstore and the adjacent 221b Bakery in Leapers Point, a small town in northern Georgia. All are recent transplants from upstate New York. The moved to the area when Finn and Echo fell in the love with the area while hiking the Appalachian trial. Finn mainly runs the bookstore while Echo handles the bakery and Uncle Oz pitch hits between the two.

Since the Sherlocks are recent additions to the Leapers Point community, we are introduced to the community members right along with the Sherlocks. This means that the only back story we have to catch up on is that of Finn Sherlock. Because while Finn and Echo are identical twins, the story is told solely from Finn's point of view. Finn's back story is revealed as it become relevant.

As I stated earlier I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes character and I enjoyed the way the family had fun with their connection to the character. It is my belief that the author did a great job of giving a bit of British polish to Northern sensibilities in a Southern small town atmosphere. If you are a fan of mysteries of any type, you will have fun spotting your favorite series and characters in the names and titles of the baked goods in the bakery. Each day Uncle Oz chooses mystery genre themed names for the specials of the day. I dare you to see how many you recognize.

If you didn't see the cover, you would never know this was a self-published book. The author did a fantastic job of keeping the pace even and the story flowing. I thought I knew whodunit and why, but I wasn't sure and was kept guessing till the end. You can't ask for much more than that. If there were any grammatical errors, they didn't distract from the story, because I never noticed any. This book earned 4 stars on Goodreads from me and I will be on the look out for book 2.