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Diner Impossible

Diner Impossible - Terri L. Austin This is the third book in the Rose Strickland Mystery series by Terri L. Austin and I was lucky enough to get started on it shortly after finishing book 2. There is something wonderful about finishing one book in a series, coming up for a small breath of air, and then diving right back down into a fantastic world of impressive and intriguing characters.

This story starts approximately 5 months after the end of the book 2, with Officer Hard Ass, aka Officer Andre Thomas, asking for Rose's help looking into a murder. The police chief's secretary and mistress was found murdered in her bed. Rumors abound that the Chief of Police did her in due to an unwanted pregnancy, but Officer Thomas has his doubts. Especially since the Police Chief was his mentor early in his career. Officer Thomas wants Rose to do what he can't do, go where he can't go and find out what really happened to the dead woman. Since Rose knows all about the Police Chief's illegal gambling addiction and since he was cheating on his wife, at first she doesn't see why she should get involved. But then Officer Thomas plays the innocent wife and kids card. Rose can't bear the thought of the children having to deal with the rumors and scandal, so she reluctantly agrees to take the case.

Little does she know that she will soon be getting a call from her mother, asking her to dinner and pulling out all the stops to play nice with Rose. It seems that the Chief of Police's wife is a good friend of Rose's mother. Such a good friend that she can't stand what is happening, and wants Rose to investigate and figure out what happened.

There is also a secondary mystery going on. Axton, one of her best friends, asks her to look into the theft of a signed Star Trek uniform. His group of Klingon's was supposed to present the uniform back to the Starfleet group after they won their bowling competition. Axton asks Rose for help, because their Honor is at stake. Axton is always great fun and I really enjoy whenever we get to see him.

This was another wonderful addition to the Rose Strickland series. It looks like Rose is slowly figuring what she wants out of life. She isn't worried about what society thinks she should have or be, but what will make her happy and fulfilled in the long term. I think we should all strive to be a little more like Rose. This book was a 4 star read for me.