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Bite Me

Bite Me - P.J. Schnyder This is the first book in the London Undead series by P.J. Schnyder. I am not normally a big zombie fan, so I will be honest and say that if not for the werewolf in the blurb, I would have probably passed on this book. And I would have lost on a great new voice. At only about 90 print pages, this isn't a major time investment, but it sure does pack a powerful punch. There is so much going on, I can barely believe the author managed it to get it all in, especially as I never felt like things were too overly rushed. Yes, things move quickly, but for all intents and purposes, London has become a war zone. Emotions are heightened, actions are magnified and responses are accelerated. In other words, the speed of their courtship seemed appropriate in the circumstances.

The story starts off with Seth, the London pack leader, helping draw blood and tissue samples from one of the zombies that has infested the city of London. As pack leader of the local Werewolf clan, he has gone public to assist the country with policing and protecting those who were unable to escape a zombie infestation that brought the paranormal to national and public attention. One of Seth's wolves, Danny, is a medic and biologist who is trying figure out where the zombies have suddenly come from. Seth sends Danny back to the lab to go ahead and start running tests on the samples, and continues on patrol. It is not long before he comes across some humans fighting off zombies and jumps in to intervene.

Maisie had gone out for a stroll to clear her head, and stumbled across a small family trying unsuccessfully to escape from a zombie. Before long, the screaming and yelling attracted more and more zombies, till Maisie reached a point of last stand. Just as she was concerned about running out of ammo, a werewolf showed up and started assisting. Maisie was able to get the family to head off to safety, but she knew that she would never be able to make a run for it. Especially with her injured leg she received from a previous zombie attack. Seth finishes off the zombies and realizing why Maisie couldn't run off, decides to carry her back. And thus begins the courtship and romance of Maisie and Seth.

I loved the unique voice and vision that I experienced with this book. It was the perfect blend of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. Maisie was a smart mouthed kick ass chick and Seth was all snarly Alpha. I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads and happily dove right into book 2.