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Frozen Secrets

Frozen Secrets - W.S. Greer This is the first book I have read by W.S. Greer. I received the book for a book tour for an honest review. After speaking with the tour promoter, I agreed to wait to post this review until after the book tour was over. I am going to be honest here and tell you that I wanted to like this book. I only read books that interest me and I think I will like. Occasionally I am wrong. This time I was very wrong. :(

The story started out in 2007. I young woman is in her professor's office after failing a test. He 'knew' she was there to get some extra special extra credit, just like all the others that had come before her. The short skirt and tight tops said it all. As soon as she sees where he is going with this, she tries to leave, but he grabs her by the head and tells her what's going to happen. Luckily for us, most of the implied sexual assault takes place off page.

The next chapter is present day, we know this by the 2011 BMW 3-series the protagonist is driving. He shows up at a crime scene late and proceeds to cost out the neighborhood - cars, house, furnishings and even what the wife of the deceased is wearing. Jarrod Granger is rude and acts like a hot shot with his young female rookie partner Misty. He didn't want one like her, but since no one wanted to pair up after some incident that had happened the year before, he is trying to go for the fresh start mindset. This case looks like could tie into 2 others and be the work of a serial killer and Jarrod is champing at the bit to make a name for himself and move up in the world.

I tried to get into this book. I really did. But Jarrod Granger was the male equivalent of a Mary Sue, with an ego the size of Alaska. In his mind, every woman wanted him because he gave multiple orgasms. He can't keep women from becoming so attached they don't realize they are a one night stand. In a phone conversation he rudely tells a woman she was nothing but a one night stand ho and if she didn't understand that she was pathetic, desperate and lame. He even goes so far to make the comment that he is like any typical black male and loves curvy, pale-skinned women. Say what? Then we got a full page of information on his "guest room"; the special romantic room he brings women back to have sex. After all, they aren't allowed in his private space. Ew? I also endured comments about how he only goes for women who wear at least four inch heels. He considers anything lower than that disgusting. He calls "big boned" women repulsive and thinks of how he is more fastidious than that. Okay, breath deeply and keep reading. I was shocked when I read he turns the political news off because he doesn't want to hear any more of John McCain's lies about President Obama and the Benghazi attack. WTF?? I didn't think this was a political novel, why am I getting political commentary? The final straw came when Jarrod's female Sergeant comes to his house and hits on him, telling him that if he gets back with her, Jarrod could be back on a fast track. Aaaaaannnnddddd I'm done. Page 75 out of 402 and I was so disgusted I couldn't read anymore. I suppose if I was a young male, I might have been more into this. For obvious reasons this got 1 star and a DNF rating. Feel free to check it out for yourself; you don't have to take me word for it.