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Blaze (A Minxes of Romance anthology)

Blaze (A Minxes of Romance anthology) - Maya Blake, Sally Clements, Jodie James, Catherine Coles, Kat French, Tara Pammi, Suzanna Ross, Romy Sommer, Lorraine   Wilson Blaze is an anthology written by eight women known as the Minxes of Romance. All the stories center around the firefighters of the small town of Coombethwaite, England. I found this book on Netgalley and grabbed it up since I love a good firefighter story. And this book is jam packed full of good stories.

Each story is unique and has it's own flavor, yet since all the stories are about the firefighters of one town, we see familiar names from story to story. By the time you have finished the anthology, you really feel like you have gotten to know not only the firefighters, but the town itself. As with any short story, the romance has to happen fast, but in several cases the characters have known each other for years - the timing just wasn't right. In one case the story actually skips ahead a couple of months, giving the characters time that a novella doesn't normally provide.

Each of the novellas is around 25 pages long and includes a page about the author with information like their websites and latest books. This is a very nice way to find out some information on a new author and how to read more of their work. I would read more by these authors and look forward to a seeing what else they can come up with. I am giving this one 3 stars on Goodreads.