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Buried Leads

Buried Leads - LynDee Walker This is the second book in the Nichelle Clark Headlines in Heels Mystery by LynDee Walker. One of the first book tours I was a part of was for Front Page Fatality and really enjoyed it. So I was thrilled to be able to be part of this tour and get my hands on Buried Leads early!

This book starts out a couple of months following the ending in book one. Nichelle, or Nicey as she typically goes by, is living the glamorous life of the investigative journalist - tromping through the woods at night, looking for the dead body she heard about on her police scanner. When Nicey gets there, she finds the gruesome remains of a man wearing an expensive suit, shot in the face and left in a shallow grave. The teenagers that found the body give Nicey a quote for her article the next day, but otherwise there is little to go on. While the officers are busy, Nicey takes a closer look at the grave and finds a strange piece of paper in the surrounding grave. Hoping this will get her some brownie points (and perhaps lead to a scoop), Nicey brings it to their attention. Little does she know how important that little piece of paper will prove to be.

In this book we get the return of Joey, the shady mafia guy who visits with Nicey after dark and Kyle, Nicey's high school flame and currently the new ATF agent. Nicey has occasions during her investigation to work with both of the guys separately and we get the joy of being on hand for their first face to face meeting at Nicey's house. All that testosterone in one small space, it's enough to make a girl swoon! *fans self* But seriously, though Alpha guys they be, Nicey is a woman who takes care of herself and calls her own shots. She is not going to let someone tell her how to do her job or live her life. Even when faced with a massive professional set-back, Nicey kept her head high and kept moving forward. Nicey shows us that a woman can be aggressive, yet classy and tough, yet feminine. If you like strong female characters, you are going to want to check out this series. This earned a 4 star rating from me on Goodreads.