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High Octane Heroes: Erotic Romance for Women

High Octane Heroes: Erotic Romance for Women - Delilah Devlin, Megan Mitcham, Alice Janell, Sabrina York, Brindle Chase, Leah Ridgewood, Michael Bracken, Elle James, Christine d’Abo, Jenny Lyn, Adele Dubois, Sidney Bristol, Sharon Hamilton, Tamsin Flowers, Tahira Iqbal The High Octane Heroes Anthology edited by Delilah Devlin, features a foreward by Maya Banks and is the work of 15 different authors. Since each story is between 8 to 16 pages long, each one is but a brief glimpse into the character's world. Each one was a complete story, even though there were several that I would love to see expanded on in future novels.

The stories run the gamut of Firefighter, Police Officer, Military Servicemen, Prison Guard, EMT, Search and Rescue and even a Personal Trainer. Whether in uniform or out, these are men who know how to take charge of a situation. Some of the stories have women needing to be rescued, others the women are going toe to toe with their man, but in every one, the Alpha Male is present and ready to assume command.

Some of these stories were hotter and steamier than others, but they are well written and showcased the Alpha male to his advantage. This anthology would work well as either a great beach read or a long winter's night cuddle up read. Make sure to check it out and you may just find a new author or two to enjoy. I am going with 4 stars on Goodreads.