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Working It Out

Working It Out - Rachael Anderson Working It Out by Rachael Anderson is what is known as a "clean" romance. There was some kissing, but other than that, this is a book that you could feel very comfortable sharing with your daughter, mother or even grandmother. Honestly though, I didn't realize this when I agreed to review the book. My book choices are all based on how the blurb and/or author grab my attention. So when I was about 3/4 of the way through the book, and it dawned on me that there hadn't been any real steamy scenes, I was like "huh, okay" and just kept reading. The book was so well written and so involving, that I didn't miss what wasn't there.

This story opens with Seth Tuttle trying to give money to his former best friend's sister, Lanna for her charity. Lanna's brother had died of cancer and Seth promised to look after Lanna. But she doesn't want him to just fork over a bunch of money, knowing it's to try to make her life easier. Lanna wants to him to be a part of the charity program she works with and believe in the program like she does. Lanna invites him to be one of the bachelors that are going to be auctioned off to raise money, but he declines and leaves determined to help Lanna, whether she wants it or not.

Grace Warren is a physical therapist and sister to a paraplegic brother. His sports related injury is part of the reason she became a physical therapist. Grace is asked by one of her co-workers to bid on him during the bachelor auction. His girlfriend was going to do it, but at the last minute was unable to attend. It is at the auction that Seth and Grace meet for the first time. Seth bids on Grace's co-worker, the last bachelor, and drives the price very high in order to force Lanna to take the money. Grace and Seth argue and he kisses her. Lanna expresses her disappointment to Seth and walks away from him, hurt and angry.

Seth and Grace's next meeting is when she becomes Seth's physical therapist. Seth tore his ACL during a heli-ski vacation and after surgery has to have therapy. At first Seth doesn't even recognize Grace, but she immediately remembers him. Their chemistry is explosive and hilarious to watch. Grace is serious and reserved while Seth makes everything into a joke or a good time. The two together balance an compliment each other.

One of the great things about this book is that Seth and Grace's romance wasn't the only one in the book. A romance blooms between two of the secondary characters and you just can't help but root for both couples. Second chances, communication and compromise where strong themes in this book. I really liked that the characters didn't just assume what another character was thinking or feeling, but actually talked about their issues.and how to resolve them. There were a few moments in the book where I was so caught up in the book, I questioned whether they would be able to work out their differences. For me that is huge compliment. After all, this was a romance and I went into it knowing there would be a HEA at the end. To make me forget and question, even for a short time, is the mark of a great author. I liked this book and would read another by the author. 4 stars on Goodreads.