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Justice - Jennifer Harlow This is the first book in the Galilee Falls Trilogy by Jennifer Harlow. I haven't read anything by Ms. Harlow before, but when I saw this was about Super Heroes, I decided to give this book a try. After all, Geek Girl here, and we do love our Super Heroes. :)

The story opens with a prologue from the villain's POV. Our bad guy, Akaline, is about to be captured by the police in his home base and is tying up loose ends in preparation of going to jail. But we know from his commentary, that this is just a small set back. He plans to win the war, even if he has lost this battle.

Chapter one begins three years. Detective Joanne Fallon is at a party to welcome her best friend's fiance's mother to town, as she has come to help with their wedding. This is incredibly tough on Joanne since she has been in love with her best friend Justin for over 20 years. Since the night he stopped her from jumping off a bridge at 12 years old and then became her best friend. But Justin doesn't see Joanne that way and never has. Justin's fiance Rebecca, is the perfect in Joanne's eyes. She is an pediatric surgeon, is gentle, kind and has the sweetest most even disposition. She even has a young daughter, Daisy, giving Justin the instant family he has always wanted. The worst part as far as Joanne is concerned is that Rebecca wants to be her best friend too. It's all just one big happy family.

Joanne feels that she has gotten a reprieve when she gets a call from her partner Terrance Cameron about an interview that needs to be conducted at the prison immediately. But when they get there and get inside, it turns out that Alkaline has engineered an escape plan. Joanne recognizes him just a bit too late and he escapes into the night. This leads to a task force being set up and calls for Justice, the masked hero who tracked Alkaline down and captured him once, to do so again. A fact that irks Joanne no end. See she can't stand Supers. Thinks they do more harm that good, with the destruction they bring. After all, several of the local villains had donned masks specifically to take down some of the local heroes. Joanne thinks that the Supers should all leave the hero work to those actually trained to to it.

This was an awesome book. I can tell you how good it is with this anecdote: I was having lunch at a local fast food restaurant and reading this on my ereader. When I got up to leave, a woman at the next table stopped me and asked what I was reading. She said that it must be a good book, because I kept smiling and giggling to myself. When I told her a little about what was going on, she wrote the name and author on a napkin to take home to look up herself. Of course, it was a good thing it was early in the book while I was there. Later on that evening, when I got towards the end of the book, there were several times when I was crying and sobbing so hard I couldn't read the words on the page. Oh, yes, sobbing, I who hates to read books or watch movies that I know will make me cry. It's a superhero story for heaven's sake!!

This book took my on a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. All wrapped up in the beautiful geekiness of a superhero universe. At this point I don't know how Ms. Harlow plans to aim higher for book 2, but rest assured, I will can't wait to find out. This was a most awesome Goodreads 5 star review.