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True Love

True Love - Jude Deveraux This is the first book in the Nantucket Brides Trilogy by Jude Deveraux. I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review. I choose this book, because one of my favorite books and the first historicals and romances that I ever read were by Jude Deveraux. For some reason, I haven't picked one up in a while and I wanted to see if the magic was still there. It was. :)

This story opens with the male protagonist, Jared, talking to his grandfather Caleb about Alix Madsen coming to the island to stay for a year. Jared is not pleased that Alix is coming and basically keeping him from his inheritance while she is supposed to figure out the long unsolved mystery of what happened to Valentina, some 200 years ago. Just because she could see their family ghost during her 1 visit as a child. Plus Alix is an architectural student, and Jared has quite the name for himself on the mainland as an architect. He really doesn't want to deal with her. Jared's big plans involve leaving before Alix gets there. Caleb is not happy with these plans and says that he has a feeling that Alix will be the one to solve the mystery. It wasn't until the end of the the prologue, that I realized that Caleb was the ghost.

Chapter 1 dives us right into Alix making the trip to Nantucket a few days early with her best friend Izzy. Alix is currently moping because her boyfriend dumped her for a younger dumber version, just after graduation. But thing perk up considerably when Izzy recognizes Jared Montgomery, famous architect and their mutual crush, on the island. Neither Alix nor Izzy realize that Jared Montgomery and Mrs. Kinglsey's nephew, are the same person. Izzy heads back to the mainland to continue working on her wedding plans, while Alix works on putting together something to wow The Jared Montgomery. When Jared gets back to find Alix has come in early and Alix gets her introduction to Jared Montgomery Kingley, the misunderstanding follow quickly.

There was a lot going on in this book - a mystery, a romance, a wedding, a pregnancy, a haunting, meddling mothers, lies and half truths galore. I was reminded of why I so very much enjoyed Ms. Deveraux's books all those years ago. Plus, the tie ins to past Montgomery-Taggert books kept me grinning and hoping for a mention of my favorites. For me, this was a delight to read. I will say that there were several emotional scenes in the book and there were several times that I had to get the kleenex out and dab, blot and blow. But I really enjoyed the emotional investment I got to make in the characters. This was a 5 star read for me, reminding me to not forget all my favorite authors.