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The Last Keeper's Daughter (Book 1 in The Last Keeper's Daughter Trilogy)

The Last Keeper's Daughter (Book 1 in The Last Keeper's Daughter Trilogy) - Rebecca Trogner I am always up for a good book that crosses genres and is hard to define. This book looked like it would be a good fit for me, a Paranormal Romance that is also a Mystery. After reading this book, I am not sure that I agree with the Romance portion. It felt more Urban Fantasy/Mystery to me. There is definite paranormal aspects, and there is some romantic aspects, but there was no HEA at the end of this story. And an Happily Ever After is one of the primary criteria for me for Paranormal Romance. Let's just say that if you like books that can't be easily pigeon holed, than this is a book for you.

The story starts with a Prologue and some back story on Walter Ayers. This is important because it will be the only time that we will be able to actually interact with Walter. He is an old man, father to Lily and the keeper for the North American Vampire King Krieger. He basically makes a deal with the King for
Krieger to take care of Lily.

Chapter one puts us into Lily's head. From the beginning you aren't sure whether she has some form of autism or some similar condition. She doesn't speak and looks at the world in an odd and unique way. Lily has no idea about the Others. But when she falls and is seriously injured at a charity event held on the grounds of her family's estate, that she learns the truth and finally begins to understand that she is stronger than she knows.

This is also the story of Detective Dale Hunter. He is drawn into the world of the others while on an investigation into the brutal murder of two men. Detective Hunter is recruited by the Elder of the Others to investigate the murders and figure out what is going on. His investigation leads him from Europe to North America and crosses with the mystery that is Lily and her Otherness.

This was a good book. I am thrilled to see that the author is currently working on a sequel. The main mystery in this book was solved. Unfortunately it left me with even more questions that needed answers. There were times that I was a little confused, especially while in Lily's head. But I think those were deliberate, done to help illustrate how Lily is growing and changing. I am going to go with 3 stars on Goodreads. This series has a lot of potential and I want to see where the author takes it.