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The Eyes of Love

The Eyes of Love - Angelina Rose This is the fourth book in the Mill Creek Crossing series by Angelina Rose, but it was the first book I read by the author. Honestly, I didn't feel that I was missing anything at all by not reading the other books. I don't even know if they are full length novels or novellas, like this one. I can tell you that I would read this author again.

The story starts with Sally Overton sitting at her desk in her Atlanta office, staring out the window contemplating her job as an attorney and how different is actually is than what she dreamed it would be as a young girl. Her best friend Taryn comes in to pass along some information concerning a case and through the conversation with her and some minor backstory we find out that she has been widowed for four years and has a seven year old son who is spending the summer with his paternal grandparents. As she is wrapping up her work to head home, Sally gets an email reminding her about her 15 year high school reunion in Mill Creek Crossing. Sally had a bad time in high school, but her one bright memory is of Colin Dean, the boy who's smile was almost literally her salvation. She decides to go, grabbing the opportunity to see him again.

Back in Mill Creek Crossing, Colin Dean is standing in his new home, fresh divorce papers in hand, trying to figure out where exactly it all went wrong between him and his wife of 10 years. Not only did he lose his wife, but his best friend when he caught them in bed together. When he gets the email notification of the impending reunion, he knows that he has to go, otherwise his ex-wife and former best friend will feel like they have won. Now he just has to find a date, so no one feels sorry for him going alone.

When all is said and done, this is the story about two people re-discovering each other and letting go of the past. Trust issues and self confidence play a large part in the story. The courtship is whirlwind, but the foundation was there, just waiting for the right time. I thought this was a cute, quick read. At around 70 pages on my reader, it didn't take long to finish. One of the problems that can sometimes occur with a novella is that the story feels rushed or that pieces are missing. I didn't find this to be the case for this story. It was a complete, if short story and was an enjoyable 3 stars on Goodreads.