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Absolution - Susannah Sandlin This is the second book in the Penton Legacy Series by Susannah Sandlin. I read it immediately following the first book, Redemption. This time the main character is Merrin, Aidan's second in command and the former Slayer of the Tribunal.

This story opens as the last did, with Matthias Ludlam, this time in Georgia. He is kidnapping a young woman who has some kind of psychic powers that he plans to figure out and exploit. That she is unvaccinated is a pleasant bonus. He has plans to take her back to New York with him, but that changes when he gets a call that his people have managed to take Mirren from a daysleep safehouse. Matthias wants to break Mirren and bring him back under the Tribunal's aegis.

The first chapter bring us into Mirren's POV as he awakens in the cell Matthias' people have placed him. Matthias tries to get Mirren to tell him about Aidan's scathe, but Mirren lies to him and refuses to betray Aidan. With the geographic limitations of his and Aidan's bond, all Mirren can do is wait for the right opportunity.

Next we meet Glorianna, the young psychic that Matthias kidnapped from Atlanta. She has been passed around as a blood donor and kept drugged with heroin to keep her zoned and complacent. But with all that, they still can't get her to tell them how she is psychic. Matthias finally decides that she isn't going to be much more use to him and puts her down in the cell with a half starved Mirren. He figures Mirren will kill her, snap from the guilt and then he can be taken back in the Tribunal fold. Too bad William finally figured out where Mirren was and shows up to rescue him.

What can I say about this book? Let's just say that Susannah Sandlin and Joss Whedon have a few things in common. ***spoiler alert*** Namely the killing of characters! I was shocked when it happened. Never saw it coming. Figured that some how it would all work out. Yeah, didn't happen. I can say one thing, with this new information about the author, it will definitely keep me in suspense in future books. Anytime things get dicey, I will start worrying about "will she or won't she". Great book, 4 stars on Goodreads.