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Sparks - Laura Bickle This is the second book in the Anya Kalinczyk series by Laura Bickle. Sometimes the best thing about discovering an ongoing series is getting to read the books back to back. I loved being able to go directly from Ember into Sparks. This second book could probably be read as a stand alone, but why would you want to?

This story opens with Anya at a new arson case she has been asked to investigate. At a first glance, it looks like Spontaneous Human Combustion. But no one wants that to be the official cause and Anya is ordered to find out what happened. With the stink of magic and several rooms full of magic artifacts all around, Anya figures it has something to do with magic. However, without knowing exactly what the items can do, they aren't much of a clue.

When an apparent break in at the Detrioit Museum of Arts leads to the death of two guards, one suffocated from halon gas and the other from weird burns, Anya struggles to find out just what is happening. She knows the cases must be connected, but with Sparky laying eggs, her energy and attention is divided.

This was a wonderful follow up book. In many ways it was better than the first. We get a return of DAGR, plus some new characters. Once again, Detriot plays the part of a secondary character and we are shown both the pride and problems of the city. And Sparky was so adorable as a Daddy. The world building continued and though we got some answers, for me it just leads to more questions. Which is what keeps you coming back for more. Hopefully the Ms. Bickle has plans to release another book soon. I can't wait to see what going to happen next for Anya. This is another 4 star book on Goodreads.