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Crimson Sunrise

Crimson Sunrise - Renee Rearden This is the second book in the Tueri Fated Souls series by Renee Rearden. I received this and the first book, Moonlight Bleu from the author after I found it listed on a Goodreads Read4Review list. The first book in the series was a fantastic read, check out my review.

This book picks up roughly four months from the ending in Moonlight Bleu. Saari has been dating both Dhelis and Brogan, spending time with each of them alone, getting to know them. Now they are in Las Vegas on what basically amounts to their honeymoon. A time when they will be going through training classes together and Saari will learn more about what she can do, alone and with each of her mates. They are staying in a romantic bungalow right on the beach. Who could ask for a more romantic setting?

Unfortunately, things don't work out as planned. First Brogan is called away to work a healing on a council member. Then Dhelis finds out that he has to go to DC at the last minute to cover for another who's wife has gone into early labor. Saari is not happy about being basically left all alone on her honeymoon without either of her mates. Luckily, Mag, her vampire brother shows up to keep her company and give her a sounding board to vent on. Things go from bad to worse though when Saari and Mag are kidnapped and left with no way to contact anyone.

This book flowed so quickly for me. The pacing was superb and the dialogue was spot on. I really enjoyed the twists and turns that took place in solving the mystery. I really enjoyed getting to get a more in depth look at Mag and Saari's relationship. My only complaint is that now I want the next book and I don't even know if there's going to be a next book... There had better be a next book! *shakes fist*

Even though the HEA is getting closer to resolution, it's not quite there yet. Plus there are still a lot of strings that haven't been tied up. Primarily the one about Saari's parentage, but also several others that I don't want to give any spoilers on. This is getting 5 stars on Goodreads and a sincere hope the Ms. Rearden hurries up with book 3.