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Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities - Tressie Lockwood I got this book at the same time as Stripped Bear by Tressie Lockwood. These two books are actually together in the print book simply titled 'Bear'. I can't tell if they are the start of a series, or just two linked books at this time. In this story we are introduced to Simone, Ayana's cousin and the two new found cousins of one of Ayana's mate, Blaine.

Simone, after having issues with her mother's boyfriend putting the moves on Simone, decides to head down to North Carolina and visit her cousin Ayana. Oddly enough, Blaine has found some long lost family and brought them to visit the day that Simone arrives unannounced And these two twin brothers believe they are the mates to Simone. Though one tries to fight his feelings for Simone, the other is more than happy to get right to the mating. Simone herself isn't sure what is going on, and though attracted to both, is in no hurry to just agree to be their mate.

I read this book mainly because I read the first one and hoped that this one would be better. It was, but not my much. There was still the issue of things moving very fast and the timeline needed to be corrected in several places. I had no idea where the author was going with Simone's character. When we are first introduced to her, she is talking about leaving her mother and her parade of boyfriends, and I thought she was very young, like 17 or 18. But then you find out Simone is 28. This happened a several times in the book. I would think the character was acting very young and/or immature and then something would happen to contradict that previous act. It just felt like the author didn't know where she was going with the character. I am giving this book a 2 on Goodreads. I will be thinking long and hard before trying another book by this author.