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The Brazen Amazon

The Brazen Amazon - Sandy James This is the third book in the Alliance of the Amazons series. It is the story of Gina Himmel, otherwise known as the Air Amazon. We haven't really gotten to know Gina that well, since the first two books focused on Rebecca and Megan, Earth and Fire respectively. They were the two Amazons that we were first introduced to and went through training with. Gina is one of the pair whose initial introduction and training we missed. It made her and Water, aka Serita, harder to really connect with. This book takes care of that issue in a big way, for both Air and Water.

This story opens about a year after the close of the last book. So in essence about 3 years or so have passed since the beginning of the first book. We are introduced to Gina in the middle of a mission to protect a tech wizard, Zach Hanson. Her job, foil a plot to steal him and his technology and use it to cause chaos and war in a take over the of the world. But our after spending weeks following Zach, Gina has started to have feelings for him and what she should do, wars with what she wants to do.

Interestingly enough, we are introduced to a new secondary character, Richard. Richard is a Son of Gaia. (I have wondered what happened to Gaia's sons since the first book.) Richard was a former bad guy and managed at great personal risk to get to the Amazons and tell them about a plot to destroy the world. This time it is Sekhmet, the Ancient Egyptian Lioness Goddess otherwise known as the Destroyer. She is using some of the Sons of Gaia to help bring about her goal of destroying the world and remaking it with her as the ruler of everything - in other words, just another day at the office.

Everything that I loved about the last two books was continued on in this one - great dialogue, colorful characters, plenty of action and the flowing smexy scenes. I really loved the interaction between the Amazon sisters as well. They are definitely not cookie cutter cutouts of each other. Each one is distinct and manages to imbue the qualities of the element they represent. A different tone and mood has been evoked in each book, yet stayed similar enough to maintain a cohesion and work together for the series. Kinda like the women these stories are about. This has been an awesome series so far, and I just know that I am going to be both crushed and exhilarated when Sarita's story ends the series.... Or will it? Spin-offs for the Sons of Gaia? Future series featuring the Amazon's children? I don't know. But I do know that I will be keeping Sandy James on my Authors-To-Get list. Another Goodreads 5 star book.