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Matchpoint - Elise Sax This is the second book in the Matchmaker Series by Elise Sax. I was lucky enough to be able to immediately read this one after reading An Affair to Dismember, the first book in the series. I went into this book with extremely high expectations, and am happy to say that not only did Ms. Sax meet them, she exceeded them.

Matchpoint starts about a month after the end of An Affair to Dismember. Gladie is sitting in Bird Gonzalez's beauticians chair, getting talked into having the Ecuadoran Erect applied to her hair to straighten it. Once this is done, Gladie looks like a whole different person. So much so that most people don't recognize her... at all.

Gladie has made only 1 other match since the one in the last book. But things are looking up, since she has had a customer specifically ask for her. Belinda is the receptionist at Bliss Dental, and though Gladie has a pathological fear of any medical personnel, she heads to Bliss Dental office to meet with Belinda. On her way to her appointment with Belinda, Gladie comes across a group of people wearing backpacks and t-shirts about being taken by aliens. Little does she know how strange these strangers to their little town are going to get.

When Gladie gets to the dentist office, and meets Belinda, Gladie realizes that this match may be a little harder than she anticipated. Especially after she faints from the sight of a drill, wakes up in the dentist chair and is warned she has some serious cavities that need to be taken care of. And then while she is under the gas to get her teeth filled, someone kills the dentist. Belinda becomes a prime suspect and now not only does she want Gladie to match her up, but to prove she is innocent.

I don't know how the author plans on topping this book, but I can't wait to find out. This book kept me giggling and gasping out loud. All the characters from the first book are accounted for and just as uncontrollable as before. There is more of the love triangle between Gladie, Spencer and Holden, and things start to heat up. This was a fantastic sequel and well worth another 5 stars.