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Shadow Rising

Shadow Rising  - Cassi Carver This is the second book in The Shadow Slayers series by Cassi Carver. I came across this series when the first one, Slayer's Kiss, was offered from free back in early April. I liked it.

This story opens about 4 months after the ending of book 1, Slayer's Kiss. Julian is believed to be dead and Gavin tells Kara that he wants to keep a relationship with her, but then disappears. Jaxon, the silver wing that Kara rescued has hit it off with her best friend Abbey. They are practically inseparable. But since Abbey's wound still hasn't healed and Jaxon acts as her security blanket, Kara tries to be happy for them.

After a series of incidents and accidents that nearly take Kara's life, Tray convinces Kara that her life might actually be in danger. Just what she needs to deal with, especially with the Northwestern Coven holding her responsible for Abbey's wounds. It is when Kara is finally taking things seriously and realizing that she might be in danger that a black wing, looking exactly like her lost love Julian shows up.

He looks like Julian, but has none of Julian's memories. He just knows that Kara smells right and he likes the way she says his name. He feels safe with her. When Gavin returns and meets Julian, Gavin says that Julian is the first of the prophecized Shadow Risings. A Son of the Sky rising from death with the power of their father. Basically a silver wing dying and rising as a black wing. And they have to get him to the Shadowlands quickly, or he may survive.

Oh, this book went super fast and super good. I really enjoyed how Kara and Julian rediscover one another and work on building a new relationship. The relationship between Kara and Gavin takes a major hit. We get to find out more about the witches and how all that works. Plus new aspects to the world are introduced, but not quite expounded upon yet. Book 3, Dark Flight should really shed some light on where things are going. I am giving this 4 stars on Goodreads.