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The Impetuous Amazon

The Impetuous Amazon - Sandy James This is the second book in the Alliance of the Amazons by Sandy James. This is the story of Fire. Having recently finished The Reluctant Amazon, Earth's story, I was completely ready to jump right back into the lives of these 4 kick ass chicks.

The story picks up about a year after the end of Rebecca's story and begins with an argument between the 4 patron goddesses of the Amazons. See, Megan or the Fire Amazon, has been having some problems with keeping a low profile. The title Impetuous really works well as a description of Megan. It's not that Megan is trying to be discovered. But the demons she is going after seem to give her little choice in how and where she takes them out. And to Megan's mind, as long as it ends well, no problem.

Freya, Megan's patron, finally gets the agreement that Johann, one of the Sentinels, will have the final say in whether Megan gets wiped and sent back to her old mundane life. Johann tells Megan that he is there for some additional training for her and to give her some assistance on a new case, not wanting to tell Megan the real reason he is in town. Funny thing is, Megan knows she is having more and more problems with controlling her element, she just doesn't know how to admit to needing more training. Plus Megan has had a crush on Johann since they met and with him around, she is having even more trouble containing her powers and due to the crush, doesn't want to see weak in front of Johann.

What I found completely delicious was the way that they each had the serious hots for the other and were trying so hard to hide that fact from the other. The tension and anticipation was amazing. Just watching the two of them dance around the other was - (pardon the pun) Hot! There were also some serious curve balls thrown in this book. Things I never thought of, never dreamed would happen. It is strange, but there was one point in the book that I actually thought they wouldn't get their HEA. Craziness, right? This is a paranormal ROMANCE. HEA is like, guaranteed. And yet, for just a moment, the turn of a few pages, I was unsure, uncertain, flat out worried that things wouldn't work out. That my dear friends is the mark of an excellent writer. Yes, yes, there was plenty of action and some really hot smexy scenes too. I will even admit that I shed a few tears at the very, very end. Happy tears, okay, but tears none the less. Awesome book, 5 stars. Gina's story is next. I can't wait to see what Air is up to, and get to know her a little better.