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Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes

Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes - Gina Lamm This is the second book in the Geek Girls series by Gina Lamm. I really liked the first book and was excited to be able to get this book on Netgalley. We learned a little bit about Leah in the first book, The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl and now we really get to know all about her.

The book opened with Leah at a Renaissance Fair, in costume Leah and her Ren-Faire buddy, Ella are walking the Faire, people watching and sharing snarky comments with each other. *Loved It* As Ella heads off to a henna artist with no line, Leah makes her way to assist with the coronation. On her way there, she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Kevin. He has the nerve to ask her to stand in for a sick bridesmaid at his upcoming wedding. Not to worry, they plan on photoshopping face out of all the pictures. As Leah steams, Kevin reminds Leah that due to his family's stature he is expected to marry from a certain class and as an elementary school drama teacher, she just doesn't make the grade. When she ends up back at her PawPaw's antique shop crying on his shoulder, he makes her promise that she will find someone she can count on, someone who know what it means to work for a living, someone who will listen to her, but not let her run all over him. He is so serious about this that Leah becomes worried. All this is important because when Leah gets the opportunity to use the antique dresser to go back in time, just like Jaime (Scandalous Earl) and find her true love, Leah jumps at it.

What I really liked about this book, is that Leah ends up as a servant in the Duke of Granville's house. She is discovered by the Duke's valet, and convinces him that she is from the future and that she is here to meet and fall in love with the Duke. Avery is a bit of an outcast with the rest of the staff, and reluctantly agrees to help Leah. Following Leah as she discovers the life of a regency servant, was laugh out loud funny. This was a great look at the other side of life in regency England and I can't wait to see where the next book goes. Another 4 star read on Goodreads.